Operation BIG Bookbag

This project is one of our newest to Sigma. The goal of the project is to provide school supplies and necessary educational materials to children who are in shelters or hospitalized. Because we are an organization created by seven school teachers, we are committed to educating our children.


August Dunlop


HIV/AIDS Grants Project  A3 For Life

ASK - For more information about the causes, risks, prevention and treatment for HIV/AIDS for the sexual history of your partner(s)
ACCEPT - Responsibility for knowing your HIV status and reducing your risk
ACT - Responsibly and in the best interest of yourself, your partner(s) and the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS


Theta Omega Sigma



Through this program, sorority members have contributed thousands of dollars to Africare, to buy grain grinders to alleviate backbreaking work on African women. The scope of the program has expanded. The country of Senegal has chosen to be the recipient of future funds to concentrate the program's efforts.


Theta Omega Sigma


Youth Symposium

Sponsored in conjunction with and in commemoration of Sigma Week, the Sigma Youth Symposium focuses on some of the prevalent concerns that negatively impact our youth: drugs, teen violence, abuse, low self-esteem, suicide, teen pregnancy, etc. Held on the second Saturday of March by each Alumnae Chapter, simultaneous Sigma Youth Symposiums address issues that affect teens today.


Kimberly Brown


Project Reasurrance

Project Reassurance is a community action, public service project established in 1974 in conjunction with the March of Dimes Birth Defect Foundation. This is a prenatal health education program designed to reach pregnant and parenting adolescents with health information, parenting education, referral services and supportive counseling.


Theta Omega Sigma


Wee Savers

The focus of the Wee Savers program is to teach young people from the ages of 6-18 years about the importance of understanding personal finance. Activities such as seminars, trips to financial institutions and various other projects help youth to develop the knowledge and skills to become adults who are financially secure.


Theta Omega Sigma


Hattie McDaniel Cancer Awareness

Cognizant that African Americans bear a disproportionate burden of cancer — the highest mortality rate of any ethnic group — Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority is committed to providing education on and active support of early detection as well research for the prevention and cure of breast, prostate, ovarian, colon and other types of cancers.


TOS Rhoer Club


Mwanamugimu Essay Contest

The Mwanamugimu Essay contest has a primary goal of increasing knowledge of young people about the historical and contemporary development of African nations. Secondarily, the program seeks to improve the writing and research skills of students.


Theta Omega Sigma